You're Website Isn't Working For Your Business

You Need Detailed Instructions On How To Improve Your Website

You’re preparing to revise a website, but need guidance on what to do. You know there are a lot of things that need to be fixed, and you need to take a comprehensive, inexpensive, and efficient approach.


These Are Some Of The Issues You Want Help With

You Need A Low-Budget Written “Fixit” Plan For Your Website

  • You don’t have a huge budget and want to save money by doing as much as possible yourself.
  • You know there are things wrong with the site, but need expert advice on exactly what’s wrong and how to correct those problems.
  • You want a comprehensive actionable plan you can hand off or tackle yourself.

This Package Is Designed Exactly For Your Situation

It’s A Low Cost Approach To Get You Started On Fixing Your Website

  • With only a very small budget, you get a comprehensive written analysis and instructions for improvement.
  • You can hand this report off to your own team to make the corrections
    at a lower cost.
  • All recommendations are easy and actionable and conform to Best Practices and current Google guidelines.

Want To See What The Report Looks Like?

Check Out These Two Samples Of Reports
Done For Previous Clients

Sample Done For 3D Printing And Product Development Facility

Sample Done For A Video Platform

This Is How The Service Works

I Review Everything On Your Website

It’s a very simple service and you get your written report within a couple of days.

  • I read every word of your website up to 10 pages. If you have more than 10 pages, you can select the 10 pages you want audited.
  • You get a detailed written report (typically 9-15 pages) with screenshots. The screenshots make it easy for you to understand the problems I’m describing

These Are The Things I Review

I Review The Menu And How To
Improve User Experience

  • I review the menu and explain how to improve it to create a better lead funnel website.
  • I tell you how to sequence the information on your site as a Buyer’s Journey (awareness, consideration, decision).
  • I point out ways to organize your menu to more likely lead to a purchase.
  • I advise you on how to improve the User Experience and keep site visitors reading, scrolling, and clicking.
  • I offer suggestions on how to keep site visitors on the specific path to becoming a lead.

I Also Review The Layout Of Content And Visuals

The Layout Is Critical To Helping Site
Visitors Understand Your Content

I give you specific directions on how the content layout should be improved so that your messaging is most effective.

  • I’ll show you how your site can use Best Practices for the
    user experience (UX). We want to make website content easy to understand and provide effortless site navigation.
  • It’s critical to use “white space” correctly on each page so that you pull the user’s eye down the page and keep them reading. I’ll let you know what to improve.
  • I comment on how well the site “chunks” content into easy-to-read bites. When you have big blocks of text, it feels like “too much work” for the reader. Site visitors avoid anything that feels like work.
  • I identify anything that interrupts easy understanding such as distracting content, poor placement of buttons, or not emphasizing
    important content.

Finally, I Review The Content Itself

And Give You Specific Directions On
How The Content Can Be Improved

  • I show you when and how existing content is confusing, incomplete, or ineffective.
  • I suggest ideas for better headlines and better headline usage.
  • I show you ways to add more sizzle and increase excitement for the reader.
  • I comment on any way you could be telling a better story about your business.
  • I point out concepts that should be emphasized.
  • I help you understand how to make your site scannable.
  • Site visitors land on your site, take a quick scan, and decide whether or not to keep reading.
  • We need for that quick scan to be a great synopsis of the page and your business.

Don’t Delay...Start Now

The Price For All This Is Only $450

Make Your Purchase And Here Is What Happens Next

Once your purchase is complete:

  • You fill out an online form providing the details.
  • What website and which 10 pages you want me to review.
  • Let me know anything special you want me to pay attention to.
  • You provide me an email where I can send the finished report.
  • Once the report is finished (2-3 business days), I send the report to you by email.

    Where To Next?

    Now you understand the kinds of clients we work with and the problems we solve. To learn about how we solve those problems, click How. 

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