The Biggest Problem Tech Companies Have:

Describing Your Tech Product So That Non-Engineers Understand

  • Engineers are the best, but are often challenged when explaining technology to non-engineers.
  • You have all that specialized knowledge and vocabulary, and it’s frustrating to explain the value of a product with someone who doesn’t speak geek.
  • You need to describe your tech product so that you get this response: “WOW, I understand how this benefits me. I HAVE TO have it. How can I buy it NOW!”

The Secret Of Tech Websites Is To Translate “Engineer” Into Benefits

You Must Demonstrate How The User’s Life Is Improved By Your Product

  • Most non-engineers stop paying attention when you talk about machine learning, AI, programming languages, acronyms or other tech terms.
  • You cannot connect with a non-engineering audience when they can’t understand your concepts and language.

    Here is what you do instead:

    • You translate technical language into the benefits clients get from the technology.
    • You don’t simply DESCRIBE the benefits. You make the benefits come alive by showcasing the EXPERIENCE that your technology provides.
    • Once potential users begin to picture their lives with your product, they are on the glide path to a purchase.

      It’s Hard To Find A Writer Who Can Explain Technology In A Marketing Style

      You Can’t Afford To Spend Days Getting Someone Up To Speed


      • You’ve tried writers in the past and had problems.
      • Either they were too technical (with no marketing experience) or not technical enough (wasting your time).
      • Every minute of your pre-launch time is already committed, and you’re concerned about how to solve the website content problem.


      • I spent 8+ years writing software tech manuals (user and implementation). I catch on quickly to new technologies.
      • I’ve been writing websites since 2010 and know what content you need.
      • I’ve spent a couple of decades interviewing engineers and other Subject Matter Experts for content.
      • I review all your existing written material and interview you (efficiently). From there, I write the content for your website.

      You’re Not A Marketer With An Unlimited “Apple-Sized” Budget

      You Don’t Have An Internal Marketing Department


      • You are funded, but the big bucks haven’t arrived yet.
      • You need every dollar you invest to produce website content that fits your product and projected user base.
      • It’s critical that the website content process flows smoothly end-to-end.


      • I’m very efficient with your time (and mine).
      • I know how to present the content so your projected users want to buy.
      • If you want, I happily “take charge” of the website process and coordinate all contributors to produce an on-time and on-target website.

      Where To Next?

      Now you understand the ways we work with tech companies to solve website content problems. To learn more about my successful tech websites, click Successes.

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