Niche—Your Unique Area Of Expertise

Having A Niche Is A Profitable Business Practice

Niche is one of the least understood and most under-appreciated areas of marketing. It’s a challenge to most business owners to figure out a viable niche. I can make it easy though because we start from where you are.

What we’re looking for is a way to combine your background and experience in new ways. You want to COMMAND a niche because you have unique expertise. When you’re an obvious expert in a niche, you’re prominent and it’s easy to sell your services.

Here Are The Problems This Service Solves

  • You don’t know what your niche is or what it should be. Sure, you understand the concept of a niche and know it’s important. But, you haven’t yet figured out how to position your business using a niche.
  • Without identifying a niche, you’re one among many “me too” competitors. You haven’t claimed a niche and your business doesn’t stand out.
  • You can’t increase your prices because of stiff competition. When you work out how to stand out in a niche, higher prices are a natural byproduct.

Expect These Outcomes

From a Niche Coaching Session

Here’s what you can expect to get out of your Lazer Coaching session:

  • You have a clear niche that’s obvious to ideal clients. You have a written description of your niche, and it’s exciting to have clarity on the right niche for you. You have a lot more confidence now that you’re positioned as a specialist.
  • Your expertise makes you stand out in your niche. You shine because of your background as a knowledgeable expert. Ideal clients sit up and take notice. You’re at the top of the heap now instead of being one of many clamoring for attention from your target market.
  • It’s easy to raise your prices when you’re an obvious expert. All of a sudden, marketing’s become easier. You have a sense of inner calm knowing you’ve finally landed in the right place. As the value of your service is clarified into a niche, you’re able to raise your prices to match.

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Niche Coaching Delivers These Benefits

It’s Efficient and Fast!

These are the benefits you can expect to get from having a Niche Coaching session:

  • I’ve developed a systematic exercise used to identify your niche. It’s a written exercise that I will be typing into as we talk. You get the document when we have finished the session.
  • This is an inexpensive way to solve a major marketing challenge. Many of my clients have been struggling for years to figure out their niche. Few ever do. In a couple of hours of working with me, you’ve solved a problem that could take you months of struggling on your own.
  • It’s quick and productive. We focus like a laser on your exact situation. You get dedicated one-on-one coaching from a professional marketing coach. Together we uncover those areas where you are already an expert. Then, we look at how to weave that expertise into your business.
  • You receive a recording of the conversation. We talk about specific action items for you to take. We identify language you can use in future marketing. Rather than having to take notes, you can be present in the moment as we work, knowing the call is recorded.
  • You get a professional coach who understands business. Selling services is my specialty and we don’t have to waste time on your orienting me to your business. I’m both a sounding board for your ideas and an advisor about making the most profitable decision.

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How the Service Works

It’s Quite Simple—And Affordable!

You sign up for a 2-hour session, pay by PayPal and calendar the session. The price is $300. That’s all there is to it. Here’s the breakdown of what you can expect to happen.

  • Click the link above to sign up.
  • Pay through PayPal. This makes it simple, easy and secure for you.
  • You get some prep work by autoresponder. The more information you give me to start with, the better results you are going to get. Note that you will get great results without completing the prep work, but you’re cheating yourself if you do that.
  • Schedule the call.
  • Send back the prep work at least a day in advance so I’m the best prepared for our conversation. You don’t want me to have to waste time during the call getting up to speed on your prep work!
  • We get on the phone and focus our time and energy on your issue. Like I said, it’s quick.
  • You get an MP3 recording of our conversation with action steps to take next. Relevant information and language from the conversation is recorded for you.
  • You get a written description of your niche, along with any action steps you need to take. These are notes that I’ve taken while we’re on the phone. The purpose of the notes is show you the visual organization of the niche.

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