Everything We Do Is Focused On Increasing Your Bottom Line

Every Word, Every Page, Every Concept Aims Toward That End

  • Many small tweaks can aggregate into a meaningful bump in profit.
  • Simple changes improve the efficiency of your operations.
  • Improving outcomes for your clients increases the value of your offerings.
  • Increased value equals increased prices, with clients happy to pay.

This Is How We Work To Increase Your Bottom Line

We Have A Defined Process That Very Effectively Attracts Your Ideal Clients

Site Content Is Developed With Efficient Coaching-Type Zoom Interviews

  • Clients find it easier to speak about their business than to try to “write” it. The most amazing words and concepts flow out in stream-of-consciousness. In interviews, I make sure that we capture all powerful ideas.
  • To ensure that nothing of value is lost, we record the Zoom call, and AI transcribes the interviews.
  • Throughout the conversations, I consistently ask you questions to bring out the value, benefits, and differentiators of your business.
  • I also keep us on track so that, typically, we can elicit the content for a single site page during one interview.

We Start With Your Vision Of Where You Want The Business To Be In 5 Years

  • There is little point in writing a website that’s only going to be relevant for a year. I take you to your “bigger picture,” and we build content for that future.
  • Throughout our conversations, I ask you coaching questions about your strategy to get to your future vision. We discuss actions you can take now to get there.
  • Consistently, we discuss how to increase the value of your offerings and how to set up efficiencies that make your life easier and increase profit.

Everything Is Strategically Designed To Motivate A Buying Decision From Ideal Clients

  • We incorporate the Buyer’s Journey into your website content. In marketing, the Buyer’s Journey is a three-stage process you need to use to turn a prospect into a buyer.
  1. The prospect becomes aware of a problem.
  2. They consider and evaluate potential solutions.
  3. They make a decision to buy.
  • Our content provides the information a potential client needs to keep moving on a Buyer’s Journey (awareness, evaluation, decision) through your website.
  • Everything on the website is designed to strategically move the client forward on the path to buying.

A Quick Aside Here To Explain What “Everything” Means

There are many elements of a website that keep the site user reading and clicking. Each of these elements contributes to strategically moving the client forward on the path to buying. “Everything” means:

  • Every word, phrase, headline, paragraph, and graphic flows smoothly as a unified whole with no element stopping forward motion.
  • You provide the information a potential client needs in the sequence they need it (hint: your About page is NOT the first thing).
  • There is a logical sequence to the pages on your site, and it corresponds to what the prospect needs to know and when they need to know it.
  • The content is laid out on the page so that it’s easy to read and easy for the mind to “consume” and to comprehend.

We Put Your “Sales Pitch” On The Website And Turn It Into A 24/7 Salesperson

  • You have a “spiel” when you’re speaking to a potential client. You cover important points, explain benefits, and answer questions.
  • We capture that spiel and turn it into website content. The language is authentic for you. The points you cover are emphasized. We include the concepts that help you close deals.
  • When this content resides on your website (and not solely in your mind), it’s accessible 24/7 to potential clients. This shortens your sales cycle and results in “pre-sold” clients, fewer questions, and shortened closing  conversations.

As You Consider Working With A Writer

You Want To Understand Their Values

It’s important to ensure a good fit with your writer. You need to know that their values match yours and to know what you can expect. These are our values.

  • I believe in old-fashioned ideas of honesty, integrity, and fairness. I simply are driven to play fair. You can expect me to be “up front” with you and honest in the advice and recommendations I make.
  • My biggest excitement is being the wind beneath your wings to loft your business higher. It’s thrilling to help clients discover the words that excite their ideal clients.
  • I bring my full creativity to every engagement. When I see a better way (easier or more profitable), we’ll discuss the possibilities.
  • I most enjoy clients who aim to help other humans on a grand scale. It’s like dropping a pebble into a still pool. We want those positive waves to go out in concentric rings, spreading through the universe long after we’re gone. Maybe it’s sappy, but it’s how I actually feel.

Where To Next?

Now you understand the ways we work to help you solve website content problems. If you’re a consultant, click Consultants. If you’re a tech company, click Tech Companies.

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