Discipline, by definition, is the act of adhering to a specific path or practice for the expressed purpose of gaining higher knowledge.

That sounds great, right?

But sometimes discipline gets a bad rap due to the cultural insistence on punishment or pain as a means of keeping one on the path. But at its essence, discipline is simply this: staying focused to gain wisdom or information.

Great news! Our brains are wired for order, we love patterns and easily fall into habits. How does this help you find and maintain discipline?

Good question!

Creating discipline throughout your life can be achieved by creating discipline in one area of your life. For example, commit to a 10-day fast or dietary cleansing regiment or commit to meditating every morning for a month. Or maybe it’s as simple as posting one inspirational quote on social media every day for 90 days.

Whatever commitment you make will create a center-pin for the other areas of your life. That action of self-discipline creates a ripple of momentum that crescendos into a tidal wave of accomplishment and productivity.

This is the psychology behind an athlete’s pre-game ritual or a Shaolin monk’s daily regimen of Kung Fu. It’s what keeps a yogi going to the studio every evening after work, or a writer returning to the desk every morning to churn out her first 3 pages of the day.

Discipline doesn’t have to involve some grand, herculean effort, or rigid, fearful adherence to dread and drudgery. Rather, it can be an exciting experiment, driven by a wondrous, curious, “WHAT IF.”

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