​How ​are the winds of change affecting you?  Like a summer breeze or a full-out tornado?  My experience over the last ​month and a half have been closer to the tornado end of the spectrum as far as turning my life upside down.  Granted, I have not directly experienced a level 5 hurricane or the raging fires of the west coast (look here for Linda Claire Puig’s guest post), but I have been not-so-subtly guided to take a 180° turn-about.

So, I am putting my spiritual coaching business, Heart of the Mother Healing, on semi-hold for a while.  I do not know how long this suspension may last…definitely for the next 6 months, and possibly for another 4 or 5 years, and moving back up to Kotzebue, Alaska, to work as a speech therapist for the school district there.  What does semi-hold actually mean, you might be asking?  I will be available for individual sessions only on Saturdays.  I will continue my online once-a-month Sound Meditations, and I am hoping to run a couple of Akashic groups or classes on Sunday afternoons after the first of the year.  And when does this take place?  Right now…I fly to Anchorage tomorrow morning, then on up to Kotzebue.

So far, since Spirit first put the bug in my ear in early October to go back up to the Arctic to work full-time, everything has just fallen right into place ​quite serendipitously. I have a very responsible man watching over my house, I was offered a VERY lucrative long-term substitute position for the rest of this year (sort of one of those offers I just could not refuse), and housing is being provided for me.

So, off I go into the wild, sort-of dark and cold yonder of the Arctic in the winter…Bass-akwards snowbird that I am.

Oh and there is a spiritual mission part to this as well, something about my physical presence there can/will help stabilize some geo-thermal rifts currently happening.  I will continue to keep you somewhat posted (you know how irregular I am at blogging and newsletters) on my new adventures and I hope you will continue to join me for my monthly Sound excursions.

​Blessings always,

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