Who We Work With

Clients With Specific Characteristics Benefit the Most from WOW 

We’re Passionate About Growing Your Business

We work with talented and creative consultants, coaches and service professionals. They own small businesses, either employing an exceptionally gifted staff or operating as solopreneurs. Most sell their services to corporate clients or other businesses. They have established rosters of satisfied clients. Their specialized services command high prices, but some may not be maximizing revenue potential.

Selling Your Services From A Website Requires More Than Just Writing

And Face The Challenges Of Selling Services

Writing to Sell Services is Different From Selling Products. There are two main issues…

  • First, selling an intangible is a challenge. It’s not like selling a product that someone can hold in their hands.
  • Secondly, you—the provider—are what you’re selling when you’re selling services. It’s difficult to be objective when writing about your own services.

Selling Your Services From A Website Requires More Than Just Writing

If You Identify With The Following, You’re Likely To Get the Most Powerful Results

We’ve worked with many clients to fulfill their website writing needs. Specific types of clients have the greatest success working with us. Common traits of our most successful clients are the following:


You’re ready to grow your business, increase your revenue, and more easily attract clients.

You want to build on current success by evaluating new ideas and adding more value for your clients.

You have a vision of a much better business, and need help realizing that vision.

“Fire in the belly” is keeping you up at night and you want to turn your ideas into increased revenue.

You’re action oriented and committed.

You’re not one to make  excuses or procrastinate. You’re a doer. For you, when you decide, it’s as good as done.  

You want your new website to funnel leads to you.

Since you’re investing in a new site, you want the site to be a lead funnel. You understand the strategy of building a site as a lead funnel and appreciate the value of this approach.

You’re committed to increasing value to clients—ergo prices—by 2X to 10X.

You’re excited by the idea of boosting benefits to your clients. With a rich background and deep experience, you recognize that repackaging your services improves results to clients. Increased value commands increased prices.

Problems We Solve…

These Are The Kinds of Issues We’re Best At Resolving

WOW Factor Writing solves a unique set of problems for our clients. These are the kinds of problems that my clients need to solve:

    You’re ready to make changes to upgrade your target market and your offerings. You’re experiencing that transitional place where you’re taking the business in a new direction or creating new services. You’re looking for a way to streamline the process of writing new website content.

    Your website is an online brochure, it doesn’t produce leads. You want a website that has a built-in strategy to produce leads. You want your website to become a lead funnel.

    You’re too busy making money in your business to write your website yourself. It costs you too much when you take time away from the business. You don’t want to spend your time writing a website when you could be making money instead.

    What you SAY about your business isn’t what your website says. When you talk to a prospect about what you do, you’re passionate and excited. Yet, on your site, the words seem wooden and clunky and don’t “feel” like you when you read them. You wouldn’t buy your own services from the descriptions on your site.

    Your business has changed dramatically, but your website doesn’t yet reflect those changes. Your website content hasn’t caught up to the evolution of your business. Explaining the discrepancies wastes your time and takes momentum from your sales process.

    Where to Next?

    Now that you have an overview of  the problems we solve for clients, go to the How We Work page to find out more about our methods and style of working.