Target Market Coaching

Target Market—Who You Work With

You want to clarify your target market or to upgrade it for your new marketing direction. The clients you’ve been working with are no longer right for the business. You’re not enjoying working with them or they aren’t profitable enough. It feels like either your target market isn’t defined sharply enough or you’ve mis-aimed. Maybe what once worked isn’t working now. You want to define, refine, and upgrade your target market to reinvigorate your business.

These Are The Kinds Of Outcomes You Can Expect…

From This Quick and Simple Coaching Session

Here’s what you can expect to get out of your Lazer Coaching session:

 Target Market—Who You Work With

You have clarity on your target market and you’ve upgraded for your new direction. You have a written description of your target market. Now, the clients you get are ideal for your business. In fact, having clarity on WHO they are has made it a lot easier to attract the right clients. You enjoy working with them. Because you’re now working with ideal clients, they get the best results. You’re playing to your strengths—and that increases your profitability.

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The Lazer Coaching Session Delivers These Benefits

It’s Simple and Fast!

These are the benefits you can expect to get from doing any of these lazer sessions:

  • It is a low cost way to bring clarity to one of your biggest marketing challenges. If you don’t have a huge budget right now, but need help, this is a great choice. If you’re struggling to figure out any one of these three marketing areas, you’ll be clear by the end of the call.
  • It’s quick and productive. You get one-on-one coaching from a seasoned professional marketing coach. We focus like a laser on your exact situation. No time is wasted. We schedule a 2 hour session, but many clients get what they need in less time than that. Because you do a bit of prep work, we can jump right in and get your answers. We solve your problem in any one of these three areas.
  • You leave the session with a written record of the conversation. This includes specific action items for you to take after our call. We’ll likely identify some language you can use in future marketing (and you’ll get it in writing). You don’t have to worry about “getting the most out of the session”. I make sure that happens for you by typing as we work.
  • You get a professional coach who knows and understands your business. Because selling services is my specialty, we get right to the heart of your issue. You don’t waste time on orienting me to how your business works or what you are trying to accomplish. You get a sounding board.

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How the Service Works

It’s Quite Simple—And Affordable!

You sign up for a 2-hour session, pay by PayPal and calendar the session. The price is $300. That’s all there is to it. Here’s the breakdown of what you can expect to happen.

  • Click the link above to sign up.
  • Pay through PayPal. This makes it simple, easy and secure for you.
  • You get some prep work by autoresponder. The more information you give me to start with, the better results you are going to get. Note that you will get great results without completing the prep work, but you’re cheating yourself if you do that.
  • Schedule the call.
  • Send back the prep work at least a day in advance so I’m the best prepared for our conversation. You don’t want me to have to waste time during the call getting up to speed on your prep work!
    • We get on the phone and focus our time and energy on your issue. Like I said, it’s quick.
    • You get an MP3 recording of our conversation with action steps to take next. Relevant information and language from the conversation is recorded for you.
    • You get a written description of your niche, along with any action steps you need to take. These are notes that I’ve taken while we’re on the phone. The purpose of the notes is show you the visual organization of the niche.

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