Services Overview

WOW Factor Writing Provides All The Writing You Need

To Sell Your Services On The Web


We specialize in selling services from the Web. It’s a science and an art to sell an intangible such as a service. Here’s a quick summary of what we do:

Website Writing.

We combine writing, coaching, and strategic planning to create your website content. Our unique coaching interview ensures that your site content is authentic. The best part is that it takes a minimum of your time. You stay focused on earning revenue—while “writing” your new website content. If you need website content, click here to learn more about my WOW Website Writing Package.

Premium Package Design.

Through exciting interviews, we work with you to design a premium package of your services. This process is an easy way to discover the additional value that allows you to raise your prices. You can double, triple or quadruple (or even 10X) your current rates. Click Premium Packages to see how we can create a package (or program) that sells your services for higher prices.

Marketing Coaching.

The three most challenging problems in marketing your services are:

  • Figuring out a clear niche where you stand out.
  • Getting clarity on a profitable target market.
  • Designing a marketing strategy that you enjoy executing.

Using a quick 2-hour coaching session, you can quickly solve each of these problems. Each session has been rigorously designed to deliver the results you want

Website Writing

You Want A Website That Sells Your Services

The WOW Website Writing Package Provides Writing That Does Just That

This writing package is designed specifically to sell your services on the web. There’s an art and a science to writing for the Web to sell your services. When you sell services, you’re also selling yourself. It’s not easy to be objective about presenting yourself in a competitive situation. Often, the prospect’s final decision can come down to whether or not they like you better than your competitors. They have to have a level of comfort with their perception of you. Without that, they won’t decide to hire you.

This Package “Tells The Story” Of Your Business

You Must Present Yourself And Your Business Objectively—As A Prospect Needs To See You

Your website should tell the story of your business. You want prospects to feel that they understand your business and would feel comfortable hiring you. Enough personality should come through in the web writing that people feel that they know you. Your website writing must also feel professional enough that prospects feel assured that you can deliver. They need to clearly understand your value. They must get enough information to be ready to buy, but not so much that their eyes glaze over.

You Want Pre-Sold Prospects Calling You Because Of Your Site

Your Site Should Be Doing The “Heavy Lifting” Of Selling Your Services

Most people who call me from my site tell me, “I read every word of your site.” They are already pre-sold. They are ready to work with me. There’s not a lot of additional selling to be done. They want to experience me and assure themselves that I’m the person I seem to be on my site. Sometimes, they have a few questions. Generally, they’re ready to start working. We usually set up a start date of some kind about 20-30 minutes into the call.

A Few Words On The Psychology Of Website Writing…


…There’s A Science Behind It

The pages in this writing package lead a visitor from interest to buying. In effect, we’re constructing your “sales spiel” on the web. There is a psychology behind the content and sequence of information. It’s all about your clients and what they want and need—when they want it. It’s not as effective if you give them information before—or after—they are ready for it. The three following items are critical to “translating” your sales presentation into web writing:

Keep it client-centered. You must be able to “be” a client when you’re writing. You need to know, understand and “feel” their pain. Visitors come to your site to solve their problem. They don’t become interested in you until they believe you can help them solve that problem. Client-centered web writing makes them resonate to your words and identify with what you say.

Give them what they need to know when they need to know it. When they first arrive on your site, they immediately assess whether or not you can help them. In that first 10 seconds, they either decide “no” and click off, or get intrigued enough to read other pages. You must immediately grab and hold the attention of your target market. You want them hungry to go on reading. Each page of this package provides the needed information in the sequence readers need.

The sequence of the pages is critical. There’s a psychology and a science to the sequence. When you give prospects the information they want in the sequence they need, it increases the number of contacts and sales you get. If you give them information out of sequence, they will probably leave your site. For instance, they aren’t likely to care about your background before they believe you can help them. Putting your About Us page at the beginning of your menu is out of sequence.

What Is The “Web Site Tool Kit” Package?

The Web Site Tool Kit Package is a bundle of web writing for a complete 8-page site.

It includes 50 hours of my time, and is designed specifically to sell services through your website. Content for the following pages is included:

  • Home (typically 2-3 typewritten pages)
  • Who We Work With (typically 10-13 typewritten pages)
  • How We Work (typically 10-13 typewritten pages)
  • A single Service or Program (sales page style) page (typically 10-19 typewritten pages) Note that writing this page includes creating a high-end package of your services.
  • Case Studies (3) (typically 1-1.5 typewritten pages each)—You write the case studies and I edit them.
  • About Us (typically 8-13 typewritten pages)
  • Contact Us (typically 1-2 typewritten pages)
This package delivers the Robert Middleton style web writing that he describes in his Web Site Tool Kit.

Count on your web writer to supply full web site content that predictably delivers your target market as clients. This package of writing for the web is built on two things:

  • The marketing principles taught by Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing©—which include Marketing Ball, Marketing Syntax and Message, Audio Logo, and The Currency of Marketing.
  • Robert’s Web Site Tool Kit which describes the web content needed to sell services. This tool provides a “map”of exactly what pages you should have on your web site. It describes what content should be on those pages. It also teaches a structure for how web writing can predictably move prospects to become clients.

Why You Would Choose the Web Site Tool Kit Web Writing Package

You may want a few reasons why this web writing package is the right choice for you. There are many web writers and many possible choices for web writing. Here are reasons why this may be the best investment in selling your services.

My Interview Technique Is The Fastest Way To Get New Website Content…

…That Takes The Least Amount Of Your Time


The full Web Site Tool Kit package can be finished in as little as 21 days. Three to five weeks is the typical amount of time it takes to create the web writing for your site. I get the information from you through interviews. Typically you only have to invest 2-4 hours a week of your time. Instead of writing website content, you spend your time providing services and earning money. I write your content in the background.

You Want a “Robert Middleton Web Site Tool Kit” Type Site


You’ve been a fan of Robert’s for years. You’ve probably used his Web Site Tool Kit or joined his marketing club.You might have been struggling for months—or even years—to get your web writing finished according to the specifications in that tool. However, the writing for the web that you’ve done just “lies there” limp and lifeless. You know it won’t attract flies—much less the stream of clients your business needs.


You Want a Structured Methodology and Ongoing Support For Preparing Your Writing


You’ve put web sites together in the past, and you know it’s a struggle to do it alone. You want a web writer to provide structure, accountability, collaboration, and strategic input. You prefer to spend your time making money providing services. You don’t want your income constrained by the work of writing a website. It would be more efficient, effective and fun for you not to do your web writing project alone.


You Don’t Want Just Web Writing—You Want To Build a “Marketing Machine”


It’s easy enough to get writing for the web done “on the cheap”. Don’t expect great results for your money though. Build your web writing on sound marketing principles. Make a smart business investment and create a predictable client-delivery system.



What You Get From This Package Is More Than Just Writing

It’s true that you get complete web writing for a “Marketing Magnet” web site. However, because of the unique methodology—combining marketing coaching, marketing writing, and business strategy consultation—what you get is so much more than just writing for the web. Here’s some of the things you get from this package.

Here’s What You Can Expect As A Result Of Our Work

We look for a niche where you stand out and can command a profitable segment of the market.As we do web writing, my job as web writer is to delve deeply into your unique situation. There are two aspects of equal importance:

Carving out a niche where you’re significantly prepared to provide services.

Aiming for a target market that will be predictably profitable for your business.

You Can Count On Me To Be The Biggest Champion For Increasing Your Profit

Throughout the website writing process, your increased profit drives our activity. If I think you could do something different and make more money or have more freedom, I’ll suggest it. I’m constantly throwing out ideas for you to consider. You’ll hear things like, “If we did it this way, that would provide more value to your market.” or, “If you added this service to that one, you’d have a unique offering.”

You Can Count On Me To Be The Biggest Champion For Increasing Your Profit

As your web writer, I make sure we’re working strategically and taking actions that ensure your success. We aren’t building your business on conjecture, hope and fantasy. We craft every word of your web site to be strategic, and to position your business to capture the market you target.

You Can Count On Me To Be The Biggest Champion For Increasing Your Profit

Robert Middleton’s Action Plan Marketing© principles and concepts are integrated into every bit of your web strategy and web writing. It’s easy to know Robert’s principles, but not always so easy to know how to incorporate them into your writing for the web. You can count on me to make sure you get the benefit of my training with Robert. It’s much easier to communicate the unique specifics of your business when you talk them over with a web writer/marketing coach.

I trained with Robert intensely for most of a year—learning his principles of web writing. Though Robert’s principles are great, you do need someone to work with you on your specifics. Your professional Action Plan Marketing© Coach/web writer delivers writing for the web that conforms to Robert’s principles.


When Investing In Website Writing To Sell Services…

You aren’t sitting in your office alone doing web writing, trying to describe your business. Instead, you have aweb writer who interviews you over the phone. It’s a process of asking questions and drawing out information. As you describe your business, you get instantaneous marketing-based feedback. You’ll hear things like, “That works!” and “How about this, does this describe it?” and “Wouldn’t it be more valuable if you did this?” Together we explore all sorts of options for your business:


We develop the language, words, and concepts that precisely describe how you and your business work for clients.


We clarify the target market, services and strategies that will be most profitable for your business


We package or repackage your service offerings to increase their value to your target market—so you can charge more.


We discuss your methods of delivery and explore passive income potential.


You Can Count On Me To Be The Biggest Champion For Increasing Your Profit

This package is a structured process and produces the web writing for a 24/7 web sales machine. This works! It’s also a lot of fun. We go step by step in a logical sequence. One step builds on the last. What you do in each step clarifies the next information we write. You experience consistent progress.

The process of writing for the web actually evolves your business. You’ve got a partner (your web writer) to keep the project—and you—moving toward completion. You won’t get stuck! The web writing is a collaboration that provides profound results.

How the “Web Site Tool Kit” Web Writing Package Works

The WOW Website Writing Package Provides Writing That Does Just That

You pay for the service, and the process starts immediately. Once you have purchased, this is what you can expect.


Who We Work With Page—First Phone Session (90 Minutes-2 Hours)

We get right into the work and set up our first phone appointment.Typically, this session lasts an hour and a half to two hours. It’s a process of discovery where we delve deeply into your intended target market.We explore profitability, competitors, your preferences, your strengths, and the ease of closing a sale to the intended market. We do “reality testing” on any aspects of the web writing that are “fuzzy” or too generic. Our objective in writing for the web is to give you clarity on such issues as:

  • Who are ideal clients for you?
  • What market will consider your background a “deal closer”?
  • Which choice of target market would allow you to play to your strengths?
  • What target market could be most lucrative for you?
  • What do you do to position your business to capture a specific market?
  • In what market would you avoid massive competition, yet it would still be broad and deep enough to be profitable?
  • What target do you have intimate and extensive knowledge of and expertise in working with?
  • Who do you most enjoy working with?
  • Who do you get the best results working with?
  • How does this target market fit into your overall business strategy?

This session is provocative, revealing and inspirational. I am not just your web writer. I also interview, coach, and question you. You can “free associate” to get your answers, while I type them. Clients uncover and discover new market segments. In “bits and pieces” of dialog, you closely articulate your market. I toss off possibilities for you to consider, and we have an animated back and forth. We tweak these ideas to your satisfaction. You don’t have to worry about capturing the writing for the web. That’s my job.

Who We Work With Page—I Write The First Draft

I take that web writing and craft, massage and manipulate it until it describes your ideal target market. This typically takes about three hours time. Once finished, I send you the completed draft for you to review. We schedule our next appointment. We refine and finalize the web writing of your Who We Work With page.

How We Work Page Phone Session (90 Minutes-2 Hours)

In this session, we start the next page. We go through exactly the same process with this second page.I interview you and type as we work. We discuss the following:

  • What results will your target market get from working with you?
  • What information about how you work would compel your target market to want to work with you?
  • What do they need to know about your working style? How could they expect you to behave when you work with them?
  • What values underpin your business? How do they impact your target market?
  • How do you approach your work? What do you aim to accomplish with your clients?
  • What is it like to work with you?
  • What makes you and your business unique?

I create a first draft of your How We Work web writing and send that to you for review. We make our next appointment to discuss the draft of writing for the web page How We Work. We finalize the content.

Service (or Program) Page—We Go Through the Same Process

The page describing your service or program is the most important page on the site. Selling this service or program is your primary motivation for having a web site. It’s the reason we’re doing web writing. This page takes some people at least two interviews and several versions of rewrites. It cannot be rushed and can often be the toughest part of writing a website. 

Robert Middleton describes two possible ways to write your Service page. I recommend the sales letter style. This is because the sales letter format gives all the information prospects need to buy—all in one place in a  logical sequence. Also, providing this level of detail forces you to meticulously describe all aspects of your service. 

In doing the web writing for this page, we go through exactly the same process. Wework on the phone and start the interview for your Service page. Note that this package includes the writing for one service page. During our phone session, we discuss:

  • What problems do you solve with this service?
  • What is the prospect’s experience of their problems? How is their life impacted by those problems?
  • What solution do you provide? What would their life be like with that solution? Once they have the solution you provide, how could prospects feel and what would they say about the experience?
  • What benefits does your service or program provide? This is focused on the value that clients receive, and can be quite extensive.
  • How does the service work? This includes every detail of the process. You tell every bit of information that prospects need to know to decide to buy from you. (Note that if you are coming up with a new service, I’d be glad to give you the unedited notes from this session for your use. The notes cover everything we talk about.)
  • What testimonials do you have from previous clients? Have you any pictures of clients? Do you have audio or video files? How do these support your service offering?
  • What bonuses are you providing, and what do you want to say about them?
  • What is your Call To Action? What do you want prospects to do after reading your information?
  • Do you want a contact form on your service or program page? If so, what should it say?

After this session, it takes me about five hours work writing the web description of your services. We set our next phone appointment. We continue to have phone appointments until we’re satisfied with this page.

We Work On Your Case Studies Page

Often clients don’t “get” how to use the web writing on this page to bolster their credibility. Up to this point in writing for the web, you’ve told prospects what you do and how you do it. The next step is for you to prove to readers that you have helped others achieve the desired results. You write up these case studies and I edit them for you. 

Ideally, you have a case study to illustrate each unique variation of your prospects’ problems. We use these to demonstrate that you can solve specific types of problems.They are factual and detailed descriptions of instances where actual clients got the results you provide. For each Case Study (three included in this package), we work with the following simple format to describe three things:

  • This is where the client was when we started to work together.
  • This is what we did with and for the client.
  • This is the results the client got.

We Do Your About Us Page

Many people have the tendency to gloss over this page. They’re exhausted by the effort expended in preparing all their web writing up to this point. They take a cavalier attitude toward this information, simply slapping together whatever they come up with and think, “It’ll be good enough.” That’s a little like running a race and getting to the finish line and not crossing it. 

When writing for the web, this page is the “deal closer”. This is where prospects go when they are seriously interested in your services. They want to see if your background demonstrates your competence to deliver on the promised results.If they are not assured on this page, they will probably leave your site—never to return. You must provide the information that prospects need to feel confident deciding to buy from you. 

Your web writer’s objectivity makes it easier to tell the story of your business. We create a story about you personally that parallels and supports your business offering.You prove that you have the experience, training, background, skills and education to provide what you say you can do. You leave no mysteries nor do you distract with superfluous, unassociated information. Your web writer tells them what they need to know about you to buy your services. 

When this page is written correctly, your reader finishes reading with the thought, “This is a ‘no brainer’. Look at this background. I’d be an idiot not to choose them!” We use the same process on this page—interview, co-writing, draft, finalize.

We Create Your Contact Us Page

This page is easy, but again not to simply be “tossed off”. What you want is for this page to feel safe and inviting to your prospects. Most of all, you want to entice them to contact you. They must feel like they won’t regret initiating contact. Your writing for the web contact must encourage contact and provide no obstacle. I provide a suggested version of this page for you. 

It’s critical not to “turn off” readers after you’ve gotten them ready to contact you. I provide web writing for this page and you edit it to suit your specifics. We can have a short call about it if you choose.

We Write Your Home Page

Your Home page is designed to compel your target market to read the other pages of your site. It is an overview and a succinct synopsis of your business. If your Home page web writing does not grab and hold their attention in the first ten seconds, visitors won’t stick around. 

By this time, I know your business well enough to write a first draft of your Home Page for you. Alternatively, we could use the same process (interview, co-writing, draft, two phone sessions) to create the content.

You may wonder why this page is done so late in the process. What I’ve found is that the process of writing all the content of your other pages profoundly changes what you end up saying on your Home page.

If this page were written first, it would have to be completely rewritten by the end of the web writing process. The dynamic interaction of coaching, strategizing, and writing literally transforms your business. For some clients, the transformation is radical, and for others more subtle, but the words we start with are inevitably transformed as well. That’s why it makes sense to write your Home page after writing all the other major content.

Here’s What You Get In the “Web Site Tool Kit” Package

You Get This…

Fifty Hours Of My Time, Divided In This Way. Approximately sixteen hours in phone sessions