On Monday of this week, I had a spiritual coaching session with Dana Stovern.  As she was sharing with me her inspiration for her Destiny 2014 program, I received a jolt of energy from Sananda (the galactic name for the being also known as Yeshua ben Joseph or Jesus).  He shared with me that he and his soul partner, Magdalen, would like to create a sounding for this winter solstice, 12/21/13, to provide the sound codes for the Rivers of Light meditation that Dana was speaking of.  You will find a link to that sound gift below, along with a description of the meditation for the Rivers of Light that you can do along with it.

As you listen to the Solstice Sounding (link below), with eyes closed and your focus on your crown chakra at the top of your head, find yourself in a place of spaciousness.  This might be on top of a mountain or simply floating out in space.  Expand your consciousness or energy body to supersede this earthly dimension and enter the sphere of all possibilities. Your intent to move to the sphere of all possibilities is all that is needed. From this space, imagine, feel, see, or hear the rivers of light begin to flow down into your awareness through the crown of your head.  Allow and invite the light streams to flow through you, around you, and create a magnificent quantum field of light of which you are the center.  Ask this light field to show you the potentials for your becoming…to co-create with you the visions and dreams for your manifestations.

Once you download the following sounding, you may choose to add it to your playlist multiple times.  It is only 9 minutes in duration.  As you come out of this meditation, write down the images, ideas, creations that came to you from this place.  What you experience in these higher dimensions is often like the dream state.  Even though it was quite vivid and clear at the time, it may disappear from your awareness over time.

Here is the link for the sounding:  https://app.box.com/s/gc0g5wd9vobr8why334r

I would love to hear of your experiences with this sounding and with the meditation.  Please leave your comments in the box below.

Love, light, and blessings to you,


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