Readings from the Akashic Records

Gwendolyn accesses the Akashic Records on your behalf using The Akashic Access Prayer © created by The Akashic Network.

This process connects into ever higher levels and dimensions of the Akashic Records, giving you answers to your questions that are always aligned with your highest purpose. Some of the most beneficial kinds of questions you can ask deal with how to best resolve conflicts in your life, answer what is the purpose of certain relationships in your life, or what kind of work would best fulfill your life purpose.

Within an hour reading for $111, five to six questions can be addressed. Payment for these sessions is made through the online booking service at the time you schedule your appointment.

How To Prepare For Your Reading:

Please choose a time and a place where you will not be disturbed by family members, pets, or ringing/buzzing phones. It is also helpful not to schedule another activity immediately after your session. Sometimes healing or large energy shifts can happen during a reading, and you may need some extra time to integrate these new energies.

Some people like to prepare a list of questions or topics to ask about in their reading.

Examples of Questions to Ask:

The Akashic Records are not a tool for prediction. You may receive recommendations and suggestions, but you will not be told what to do. Your free-will is always respected. Also, since the Akashic Records are held in a dimension not bound by time, when questions may not give you the answers you are expecting.

It is best to ask open-ended questions like:


Please give me insight about ________________.


How can I best resolve the conflict with ___________?


What would be a good next step for me in order to achieve _____?


What are the pros and cons of making the following decision (state decision)?


What would it help me to know or understand about _____? (describe the situation)

During your reading the more you describe the situation, the better. Remember, this is a conversation. You are building a relationship with the beings of light in the realm of the Akasha. The more information you share about your issue, the clearer, more direct and more specific the information will come in. The energy of the Akashic Records flows on the spoken word. Continue to ask for detail, elaboration, clarification, if you are not satisfied with what you receive. You can even ask in the Records how you can better phrase a question in order to get more helpful information. I will also help with the phrasing of questions if we are not getting specific enough information for you.

Avoid yes and no questions, and recognize that whatever you receive, we each have free will and must be responsible for our own decisions.

You may choose to record the session and/or take notes during the session. I will also be glad to record the session for you and send it to you as a downloadable MP3. When you book your session, you may request this service.

Multi-session packages of 3 or 5 readings at a reduced cost per reading, as well as Living Your Purpose premium support packages, are also available:

** Once you have made you payment through PayPal, a link will be sent to your email for the online scheduler. **

Readings from multi-session packages may be transferred or shared with others. The purchaser of the package must notify Gwendolyn by email of any transferred sessions before the receiving person books their session.