Have you ever wondered where you are really from?  Do you get that feeling you are a  Stranger in a Strange Land?  I know I always have.  Read below for more of my story of how I learned about my star families.  I am offering this same process to you, should you choose to accept it.

I call it Multi-Dimensional Aspect Integration.

Multi-Dimensional Integration SessionsBut first, a little background.  The different dimensions relate to the frequency of vibration that is being held by different “bodies,” such as planets, stars,  Earth-humans, Extraterrestrials, to name a few.  Many would place the dimensional frequency of our planet as 3-D, which she has been for many millennia. But now she is moving back up into the 5th Dimension, which was her original frequency at her creation. (Many of us remember that as the Garden of Eden.) And, as her inhabitants, we are also needing to move our own frequencies up to match that of hers.

Back in the early 1990s when I was voraciously expanding my spirituality and consciousness, I met a young man by the name of Jonathan Hammer.  He was, at the time and still is, one of the most amazing and talented “channels” I have ever worked with.  He was able to move the majority of his consciousness out of his physical body to allow other higher-dimensional beings, such as Yeshua-Sananda, Archangel Michael, and Ashtar to be fully present in his body.  The experience of having a reading or session with him was more expansive than any other I had ever experienced.  I could not only hear the wisdom being shared, but I could physically feel in my body the energy signature of each of the different beings present.

After we had known each other for about a year, Jonathan told me that Archangel Michael wanted to do a special session with me that would help me move forward with my “MISSION” at a more rapid pace.

That was my first introduction to  a “Multi-Dimensional Aspect Integration.”

AA Michael had me lie down on a massage table as he sat at my head with his hands gently cradling my head.  He The trumpets have sounded.opened up an energy space with a prayer and some toning, then told me, “It’s up to you where we go.  So, where are we landing first?”  Without even thinking, I said Venus, and instantly we were transported there.  I was sitting in a park on the bank of a gently flowing river, looking up at the pink and purple hues of the sky.  I felt a light touch on my shoulder and looked over to see a lovely Hathor temple priestess/healer sitting beside me.  She said, “So you are ready for me now?” And, I nodded.

Then without being aware of leaving, I was in a small lightship with AAMichael, circling the rings of Saturn.  He asked me to pay close attention to the faces I could see in the debris of the rings, faces that were etched in the rocks.  “They are the faces of many of the inhabitants of Malbec, the planet that used to be between Mars and Saturn.” Improper use of spiritual forces had blown the planet to pieces.

From there we moved out into the Milky Way and on to Aldeberon, Arcturus, and other planetal systems far beyond this galaxy.

I integrated 14 other aspects of myself during that trip.  None of them joined me immediately.  I learned that this was a process that would take from two weeks to a couple of months for all of them to fully integrate.  Once integrated, I would have complete access to their myriad of gifts and talents, such as high-tech computer knowledge, diplomatic skills, healing modalities, and techniques to use and channel sound and other “space-technologies.”

To book your own session for a Multi-Dimensional Integration, click here.

And then, another year and a half later, Jonathan asked me if I wanted to know who I really am within the Ashtar Command.  Of course, I said YES.  When he said the name Schwahalla, I was filled with so much energy, I was almost knocked over backward.

She is an amphibian being from the watery planet Altendeen, on the edge of the Pleiadian star system.  Her skin is yellow-green and she has midnight blue hair.  I was told she is a diplomatic-planetal-rescuer.  One who goes to planets that are on a course of massive self-destruction and set up a program to help them change their ways.  Even though we each continue to maintain our own separate lives and missions, we are completely connected with each other.  The gorgeous teal being with the fuchsia hair is her mate, Juscidian.  My adventures with both of them are a whole other story…

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