I recently officially retired from teaching special needs children~a rewarding, but very draining job.  I found it so draining of my energy that I was never able to devote myself to my #1 passion, my Heart of the Mother Healing business.  I love doing healing sessions, channeling energy through my hands and voice, and teaching others about spiritual empowerment and the ascension process.  BUT,  I just couldn’t quite see how I would make ends meet on a meager $800 a month Social Security check while I was building my business.

About a month ago, I received a tempting offer to make big bucks again by moving back up to the Arctic of Alaska to work full-time as a speech therapist.  I turned it down… I was not going to sell out my dream of working full-time for myself as a healer.  I had done that job before and never had the time or energy than to do my sound work, so I knew this time would be no different.  However, I set the intent at that point that I would accept a job that involved working remotely by Skype and did not require me to move from my home in New Mexico.  Bingo! last week I received that exact offer ~ to travel two weeks every two months to Kotzebue and the villages of Buckland and Deering to do onsite speech therapy, and then to provide two-three hour sessions a week via Skype from my home in New Mexico.  And, the pay they are offering me is insanely wonderful…let’s just say I can now make more than two and a half times as much for two weeks of work as I was making for one month of work as a special needs teacher.   Did you notice I am only working two weeks every two months for someone else? That leaves six weeks to do my own business.

Pretty sweet deal.  How did I manifest that?  I will share with you what I  have learned are the salient ingredients involved:

  • Clear out the subconscious ca ca that says you don’t deserve, you can’t have what you want, you’re not good enough, who do you think you are to ask for such a thing, and on and on.  I have personally been working on clearing my ca ca since the mid-80s.  I have used a breathwork technique called Rebirthing, bodywork, sound, and the Violet Flame to name a few.  There are many others out there just as valid and powerful.  Go with a process that feels resonant with you.  Releasing those negative thoughts and feelings you have about yourself is PARAMOUNT to being able to create what you want in your life.  I currently offer individual Sound Healing sessions that are great at unwinding emotional debris trapped in your body.  Go to my Services page to learn more or book a session.
  • Set the intent for what you want.  Go for the bigger picture…the main idea of what you want.  If you clog your request with lots of little details, you limit the Universe’s ability to create it for you as quickly.  So get clear and specific on what are the most important features that you want.  In her book The Intention Experiment, Lynn McTaggart lists the steps for setting a clear intention.  I have paraphrased them here: 1) Move into a beneficial “space” using meditation, relaxation, biofeedback, or any technique that will produce a majority of alpha waves in your brain; 2) Focus on compassion.  I also find that feeling gratitude has the same beneficial coherent emotional effect; 3) State your intention and make it specific; 4) Imagine with all of your senses the completion of your intention.  This is another very important place to interject the feeling of gratitude; 5) Surrender to the power of the universe–let it go, let go of the outcome.  The more you worry and fret over whether it will happen or not, and how it will happen stops the flow and your connection to the Source.
  • Let me say it again.  Let go of the outcome and how it will happen.  Just be open to being wonderfully surprised.

If you have questions or comments about manifesting, or a story about how you have manifested something amazing or small, please leave a comment below.

I am also in the process of recording a guided journey for Manifesting your Dreams.  Check back soon for its completion.

Blessings and here’s to having all your heart desires,


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