Isis, the mother of my soul and the keeper of my heart, has been constantly present with me on this sojourn into the deep sacred feminine energy of Southern France.  I have known since I was a very small child that France is where I should have been born…my heart lives here, ma Sacre Coeur, so what the heck is my body doing in the United States?  Still, je ne sais pas!!!

Finally, in 2010, for the celebration of my 60th birthday, I made it!  I came for two weeks on a Magdalen retreat with Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion to Les Labadous at the foot of Rennes-le-Chateau.  On my way down the hill on the last day of that trip, my eyes poured forth tears of homesickness and longing to never leave.  I began my plotting then to come back, and now I plot on how I can come back to live the majority of each of my remaining years on this planet.


After three days in Paris, a day on the train, and driving to Rennes-le-Chateau via car, Laura and I took a day just to recoup from travel.  Then on Tuesday, we connected with Ani Williams for a magical, mystical tour of the Sacred Feminine in the village of Rennes-les-Bains.  Ani, a self-proclaimed renegade Troubador, ( shared her love of this place with us through stories, information, song, and explorations.  After walking along the river, looking at old Roman bridges and bath spots, we gazed down upon le Benetier, a baptismal pool where the red, white, and salt waters blend in a powerful alchemical balance.  Then we walked toward the Source de Madeleine and the Throne of Isis.  

A major initiation was in the works for Laura and me.  I sat in the Isis chair first, then Laura moved up to the “Devil’s Armchair” which we promptly renamed for Osiris.

Sounds began to come through me from Isis herself and I could see and feel the electric warbles and pulsations right before a huge red, orange, and gold flame ignited in the etherid-space between the two chairs.  The energy that ran between the two stone chairs and Laura and me was palpable…a beginning of the immense work ahead for teaching others how to embody the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine.



With that initiation ceremony complete, we headed back down the hill and on to a “Fairy Pool” at the other end of Rennes-les-Bains.  What a sweet shift in energy as we soaked up the Devic-fairy bliss and sweet sounds of Ani playing the Pan Pipes for us.

Below is a reading I did in the Akashic Records later about the energy and space where the Isis and Osiris thrones are…

Akashic Reading for Throne of Isis, Rennes les Bains, 6/14/17

There is a tall, yet slim white cyclone of energy swirling around, no specific pattern.  That is the wind energy of Isis.  She can demonstrate herself in many forms.  That is the cleansing energy of wind.  The cyclone is an iridescent white with flecks of gold all through from top to bottom.  The cyclone’s movement pattern is more like a dance, moving in circles and swaying, bending, moving back and forth.

The ka body, the etheric energy of Isis has been impressed in that piece of stone that is carved out as a large throne. It is still very strong and can be felt by those who are open to her energy.

Many eons ago when the planet was still young and the creator gods and goddesses—many of you reading this—were here and playing with the creation of this jewel of a planet, Isis walked here in “physical” form.  The energetics of the time were still 5th dimensional and higher, so the form was not dense or solid as it is here today.  All was bendable, malleable, and fluid.  It could be morphed in the blink of an eye or the twinkle of a thought.  She actually established areas here on this side of the Mediterranean sea that were sacred to her because of the way that the elements played off of each other and together.  This is how many of the vortices are created—the different elements and elementals playing with each other and around each other, causing the subtle energy movements that then become patterns for others to use.  She established Nature temples, portals, sacred worship/holy spaces here in this area long before she was known in Egypt.   The beings who kept her sacred spaces and “temples”, especially the ones connected with the water element were the nymphs.  The Druids were also attracted to these same places as holy spots.  The Druid priests and priestesses used many of the “sacred rituals” that the followers of Isis/Osiris established here.


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