In my opinion and from my experience, the feelings of gratitude and appreciation can conquer all.  Just a little bit of heartfelt gratitude can instantly move your consciousness into 5th-dimensional awareness.  It changes your focus from problems, anxiety, and other not-so-welcome emotions to a focus on blessings.  Metaphysics 101 teaches us what we focus on expands.  So what do you want?  More crap or more bliss???

I have borrowed the following channeling from Tom Kenyon and his lovely band of Hathors.  A very easy practice to do.  Only takes a few moments, but the longer and more often you practice it, the better and bigger the results.  Oh, one other tidbit…gratitude is also the key to manifesting anything and everything you desire.

Here is my favorite section from this channeling:

“You are creator beings in the midst of creating your future and the future of generations yet to come. You hold within your heart a key to the Mystery of Mysteries. And the threshold, the opening into this mystery is through your capacity to enter ecstasy. Be bold and find your path, your way of living upward into this elevated state of being. Do know, however, that ecstasy is not the end of the way. It is simply the beginning.”

Love and appreciation to you all,

Ecstasy and the Heart ~ Hathor Channeling  4/18/05

I have removed the copy of the full channeling just in case my using it in its entirety has been an infraction on Tom’s copyright.  If you wish to read the full channeling by the Hathors, you  can find it at:

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