Creating What You Want In Life

We all wish to live the life we really want. If that’s the case, why does it seem that so few of us actually do?

Creating the life and work we want should be easy, but for many reasons, it isn’t.  Sometimes we’re just too busy getting by day-to-day:  working, paying bills, fixing dinner, or picking up kids.  Who has time to give it much thought?

Sometimes we don’t know how to get clarity so we put it off until later. And, have you noticed that later rarely ever comes–unless there is a crisis forcing us to reassess our life.

Or, perhaps, we have ignored what we really wanted and, instead, created a life that others wanted for us (or themselves) — ouch.  How many parents push their children to be what they were never able to be themselves?  Far too many…I suspect.

How to Create the Life You Desire  

If you aren’t living the life you want or doing the kind of work that would bring you joy, a sense of purpose, and fulfillment, how do you re-create yourself? How do you get clear on what you want or what you actually came to this planet to do? And how do you stay committed to it?  So many of us have that vague feeling we’re supposed to be doing something important, different, of service to humanity…but what the heck is it???

Here are some steps that can help you get started:

Before getting what we want, we must first know what that is. On the surface, this may seem obvious, but it trips up even the most intelligent people right out of the gate. That’s because this is a matter for the heart, not the brain.

  • Take out a blank sheet of paper and write “My Dream Life” at the top. Without thinking about it, list everything you want to have, do, be and share.
  • Now, allow yourself to sink down into your heart. As you ponder each of the items on your list, get a sense of how it feels in your heart space.  If you get a warm, expansive feeling, put a star by the item.  Leave the item on your list if the feeling in your heart is neutral.  Cross off any item on your list if you feel contraction or anxiety in your heart when you consider it.
  • From this list, you could now generate some goals to help create more of what you want in your life.

Need Help Figuring Out Your Purpose?

Here are two options.

  • Accessing the Akashic Records for yourself is an amazing way to get guidance on your Life-purpose.  The Akashic Records are an energetic library or database of every Soul’s experience throughout creation.  By clicking on this link, you can learn more about the Akashic Records and how to access them for yourself:

How to access the akashic records e-book  Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 7.42.56 AM

  • You can also book a FREE Wake Up Inspired Consultation with me.  In this 45-minute session, we will:
    • Create a sense of clarity about the life and career you really want to have.
    • Discover the essential building blocks for having the life of your dreams.
    • Determine the #1 thing stopping you from having the life you want.
    • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you toward the life and work you desire.
    • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the inspired life you truly want!

Yes, I Am Ready for my FREE Wake Up Inspired Consultation!

Avoid the “Shiny New Object Syndrome”
It’s easy to lose momentum by getting distracted by new, exciting opportunities. Having clarity makes it easier to distinguish those opportunities that help move us forward from the ones that throw us off track.

The next time a new opportunity arises ask yourself, “How will this help me achieve my ultimate goal of X? If it doesn’t, you probably want to dismiss the opportunity and move on.

Give in to Your Primal Instincts
Craving new challenges are hard-wired into our DNA. If it weren’t, we never would have left the cave, invented the wheel, or flown to outer space. Ignoring this primal code over the long term can lead to disappointment. So how do you happily succumb to this urge? With more clarity and structure.

Create a list of things you haven’t done yet, but want to do. Be specific and remember the three, guaranteed “no-fail” rules when it comes to goal setting:

  1. Write it down. 2. Write it down. 3. Write it down.

Putting your list in writing transforms it from a desire into a personal contract with yourself.  Creating a vision board with images of what you desire can help bring your dreams to reality much faster.

As with anything worthwhile, there is no quick fix when it comes to designing and building the life you want. However, these steps can help guide you along your path to living the life you want…and loving the life you live.

Please leave a comment below of one step you are going to take this week that will move you toward Living the Life You Love:

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