Today is a gift.

This is the day that you have to use and utilize however you wish. Sure, there may be things in your day that don’t go the way you’d like, but there are countless other things that do.

You have air to breathe, food to eat, clean water to drink, and a place to lay your head. You have people you love, and who love you. And you have access to the Internet, where education, information, and opportunity abound.

All of these things are worthy of gratitude.

When you start looking for what’s good, you are sure to see more of it. And when you recognize the goodness around you and give thanks for it, it makes you happier. And when you’re happier, more things seem to work in your favor. You begin to see the power you have to shape the day, influence situations, and make a more positive impact.

But sometimes it’s hard to find things to be grateful for, right?

Gratitude is like a muscle. When you’re in the practice of giving thanks, it comes easily, because your muscle is strong. However, when you fall out of practice, your gratitude muscle atrophies and you have to think hard to see the good in things around you. Fortunately, you can work this muscle any time, and you don’t even have to sweat.

Just Practice.

Every time you flex your gratitude muscle it reprograms your mind to see your blessings. This helps you recognize the gifts and opportunities surrounding you. Practicing gratitude reorients your mind toward happiness and success and connection…and then, almost as if by magic, your life starts working in wonderful ways. Knowing all that…

What Can You Be Grateful For Today?

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