Accessing the Akashic Records Series

Two Akashic Certification Classes by

The Akashic Network &

Heart of the Mother Institute of Higher Learning

  • Do you struggle with self-doubt about trusting your own intuition and inner guidance to make key decisions for yourself?
  • Would you like to feel more confident in recognizing and connecting with your inner soul voice?
  • Do false beliefs and old conditioning keep you from fully connecting with the light of your own Soul?
  • Would you like to experience four powerful, but easy steps you can take to connect with your Soul and clearly hear its Voice?

If you are an awakening lightworker who feels unsure about how to gain greater clarity, trust, and knowledge to access your own inner wisdom, you have come to the right place.

This webinar is designed help you experience a deep and profound connection with your Soul Wisdom NOW!

Presented by:

Gwendolyn Hill & Laura Hosford 

of Light Leaders Academy

In this powerful FREE training, you will...

  • Discover how to feel more confident in recognizing and connecting with your inner soul voice.
  • ​Learn how to use a simple prayer to open and access your Soul's Records, expanding your consciousness and light body.
  • Discover your best ways to receive information to open communication with your Divine Team on behalf of your Soul.
  • Receive a clearing from the Archangels to release blocks to your receiving clear & trustworthy communication from your Soul.

Click one of the dates below to join us on the day and time that works best for you!

Saturday, May 20, 12:00pm EDT

Thursday, May 25, 8:00pm EDT

About the Presenters:

Laura Hosford is an inspiring Visionary Light Leader for World Peace, teacher, mystic, multi-sensory intuitive healer and light language channel. Laura is known as a “Master Akashic Guide and Soul Light Seer” for her rare gift of being able to fully access the Akashic Records and Books of Knowledge to bring in the highest wisdom and knowledge to support humankind’s evolutionary ascension of consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Laura believes that everyone has the innate ability through their own divine soul light connection to “heal their heart and create their dream life of magic, miracles and love living their highest destiny of soul light expression and mastery!

​In June 2014, Laura was gifted the vision of creating The Light Leaders Academy a heart centered fifth dimensional on-line global community of Visionary Light Leaders. The Light Leaders Academy provides on-line programs on personal consciousness development, Soul Healing self-mastery, Akashic Record certification classes and a Sacred Creation Circle Prayer group. She guides visionary entrepreneurs to align with the cosmic “Christ” heart and higher divine mind to manifest their sacred mission and contract with Heaven on New Earth living their Soul’s greatest destiny. Laura calls these new fifth dimensional ascended visionaries “Light Leaders”.

Gwendolyn Hill, founder of Heart of the Mother Healing, has been studying and mentoring people in the personal and spiritual empowerment field for over 30 years.  Some of her unique offerings include readings in the Akashic Records, Sound Healing, Intuitive Counseling and Energy-Healing Sessions.  But most of all, she has helped many men and women discover what they actually came to the planet to do--what their real and highest mission and purpose is. 

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