The chess game has begun. 

Let it proceed forward on into the Ascension Path at warp speed. 

The next 18 months will be one of chaos and turmoil, especially for the people in the US. Even though the game is playing out throughout the entire world, the US is leading the way in this game, just like in 1776 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  That signing was a new day and a new dawning for the evolving consciousness on the planet.  Remember then there was much chaos and confusion leading up to that time and afterward.

A revolution is now at hand; however, this is a spiritual revolution to take mankind into the New Age.  Do not be deceived for there is a much higher purpose playing out here that may not be visible to the external eye, but flows just underneath the surface.

Hold fast to your missions, lightworkers, and Star Revolutionaries, for your time is now at hand for which you have been well-prepared and trained for, for millennia.  You cannot comprehend the strength and power hidden within you, YET.  It will come forth as you need it.  Your support teams are guiding you every step of the way.  They are holding you in a very special container of higher frequency energy.  And, this energy is channeled down to your physical body and being as you require it.

Do not be afraid.  All is well.  Everything is being divinely guided as the remaining 3-D energies must be allowed the space and time to come to full disclosure and play out.  This is important to complete the cycle of this part of the Earth experiment and for a new Golder Age to blossom now.

Your Ascended Masters and star families are with you and hold the keys that you will need to call on for this part of your journey.  Continue to meditate pray, and spend time in contemplation with your journal to receive the key codes you will be given along the way that will help to trigger remembrance of your training for this time.

 Stay calm and remain in the peaceful higher frequencies.  Do not allow yourself to be pulled down into the lower, denser energies.  Be mindful of what you are taking into your surrounding space.  STAY AWAY from news broadcasts, radio broadcasts, media in general, and negative situations.  Remove yourself from all of these energies now.  You must separate yourself.  This is really important.

Gather together with your Star Family here on Earth. Your light communities will start to come together now.  In those communities, you will find the strength to prevail and to hold your light and ground into the Earth.  This will give you the extra support that you need during this important time.

You may be asked to move from your physical location to another location.  Be open to receiving, be open and be flexible, for this is in your best interest if you are called to do so.  Know that you are being divinely guided so that you can be supported even more.  This is an important part of your mission to hold the light amidst the chaos.

Create community through prayer and ritual.   Invite us into your circle of love and light.  Together we can create a larger container that will be supportive and uplifting for you.

Do not go into worry or fear.  If this starts to happen, immediately call your Higher Self and multi-dimensional team to lift you up and out of that energy immediately.  WE will surround you with our light and help to lift you up out of it.  As you continue to evolve in your own consciousness and change your own personal vibration of light, it will be easier for you to stay out of the lower frequencies and energies.  Look beyond the chaos of the immediate.  Move into and toward the fifth-dimensional consciousness of golden light.  In your quiet time, begin to connect to the 5th dimensional golden light. Bring this light into your body and aura.  Begin to visualize it, hear it, feel it, sense it.   As you do this, you are calling in the higher frequencies and inviting them into your body and consciousness.  Practice this DAILY.  As you move along in time we will give you more instructions. Through your higher teams, you will be guided as to the next step.

For now, know that we are with you and around you more than you know.   We love you.  We are so excited for you for this tremendous breakthrough, this huge accomplishment.

You do not know yet what you have you have done. You do not know the amazing blessings and miracles that are coming your way now. Have faith.  Be open to receiving.    We love you and honor you.  We respect you.  Go in peace.


Below is a Light Language Transmission by Laura Hosford, Listen to this light language transmission of Love to assist you with receiving the energy frequency of this divine message for moving forward into a new timeline of consciousness on Gaia for the highest good of all. Amen.

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