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     Heart of the Mother Healing offers completely FREE 30 to 45 minute one-on-one strategy sessions. We will talk about what you want to achieve, where you currently see yourself, and what it would take to make that happen for you. Then we can determine if my offerings would be a good fit for you. You will leave the session feeling refreshed, with more clarity on answering the important questions in life.. who you are and why you are here.

Services offered are:



  • - Living Your Purpose Premium Support Packages.
  • - Individual sound/energy healing sessions.
  • - Pleiadian Energy Healing sessions.
  • - 30 minute and 1 hour Akashic Records Readings.
  • - A wide variety of groups and classes via the internet and phone.

All sessions can be done remotely over the phone, skype, zoom, or other internet connections.

Appointment times given are in ​your time zone.


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